Kickstart your course creation

Have you been thinking of creating an online course for way too long and always end up putting it off? 

Time to get it started!  This 5 Day Challenge will help you set the foundations of your course and set you on a path for time freedom!

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5 Day Kickstart Your Course Creation Challenge

Are you constantly trading your time for money?  Are you tired of the 1:1 work with clients even though you love your work?

Are you looking to make additional income for the family vacation you keep putting off?

It’s time to take action and create some time freedom!

It’s time to include online courses into your business model!

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What you’ll get out of this Challenge:

Day #1

You'll get to know the various types of Online Courses and how to include them in your business.

Day #2

You'll decide on your course topic and give it a name.

Day #3

You'll discover the various delivery methods and decide which one is best for your course.

Day #4

You'll identify your ideal learner so that you can adjust your course content just for them.

Day #5

You'll plan your content and create your course outline.

This challenge is for you if:

  • You want to start offering online courses
  • You have been thinking about it for a while now but are stuck in “overthinking mode”
  • You need a push to GET IT DONE ALREADY

Meet Your Host

Hi I’m Catherine, Executive Assistant turned Online Course Creation Coach

After realising my day job was in danger once again (in 2018) and at the age of 42, I panicked!  I was made redundant back in 2011, and it hit hard, very hard.  This time round, I decided I was going to be prepared.  I needed to make my own future.  I had had enough with relying on others for my livelihood.  That’s how I discovered the online space. 

I fell in love with web design.  I learnt everything the DIY.  Then I discovered copywriting and trained as a website copywriter.  But I still had not found my calling.  Until I remembered my goal when I started off… Recurring income… I wanted freedom. 

So I learnt everything about online courses.  I love online courses. 

It took me 3 years to get out of my own way and create this course.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake. 

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