Hello, I'm Catherine

I have been in Administrative support for over 22 years!!  Wow that is a long time…

I was made redundant back in 2011, and it hit hard, very hard.  I was 35 years old and I live in a country where if you are over 27 years old, the job market is pretty much closed for my type of work. 

After 3 years, in 2013! Yes it took me almost 3 years to find another job, through a very close friend that saw an ad in a Facebook group, I was given the opportunity to work with another company.

In 2018 I got a nagging feeling that something was not ok with the company.  Déjà vu glimpses here and there of my previous experience of a company not doing well…

I decided that well, enough is enough and I really need to do prepare myself this time round, after all, I was only getting older…

I needed to make my own future.  I had had enough with relying on others for my livelihood.  I needed to do something different in my life, with a bit more passion and creativity.  Something that I can see myself doing for many many more years…  Being a EA was just not cutting it anymore!

That’s how I discovered the online space.

I wanted to work remotely, on my own terms and be in charge of my income.

I started off as thinking I would offer admin support as a Virtual Assistant.  That opened up a whole new chapter.

I realised I needed a website to promote my services.  And love was in the air… I fell in love with web design.  I learnt and practiced and learnt some more.  I decided I wanted this to be my “new path”. 

And it worked for a while.  But not really.  My passion was not strong enough.  I kept needing validation so I offered my services for FREE.  Big mistake.  I created beautiful websites for others for free, yet I could not bring myself to sell it as a service.

Disappointment, overwhelm, frustration built up. 

I thought I needed help with my copywriting.  So I found a coach and trained as a copywriter.  I thought my problem was solved.  Now I could offer a complete package to my prospective clients.


I still could not bring myself to sell it.  Writing social media posts were a nightmare!  What was wrong with me?

July 2021 and together with an extreme heat wave, my 9-5 going from bad to worse, I experienced a complete meltdown. 

I scrapped everything and turned to reading and buying Life Coaching courses thinking that maybe this direction was the right one…

And I discovered myself.  Or should I say, rediscovered myself…

I did all the work in my life coaching sessions as a client rather than a coach.  I realised that I was not happy.  The past two and a half years were based on excitement rather than what I truly wanted.

I wanted freedom… Time freedom…

Come late September 2021, after a two week vacation and still no clue how to move this online business forward, I embarked on a journey to declutter my home office.  At this point, due to covid 19, we were working remotely on a permanent basis.  So my stuff and work stuff were starting to take over the space…

And there it was…

Folder:   Passive Income

Sitting, patiently waiting for me…

And I cried… I got goose bumps and cried hard.  I had forgotten my plan, my mission, my why…

I got caught up in trying to make something work that simply was not going to because my heart was not in it.

The folder contained everything.  Have I mentioned I love research?  Yes, this folder had it all. 

Digital Products

Online Courses

How to get started, how to market, how to create content, everything I needed.

And then the biggest shock of all…

I had even decided that I wanted to learn everything about courses and then teach others!  A business plan from early 2019!  Just sitting there waiting for me…

So I redid my homework, found out all the new and fancy stuff related to online courses.  I love online courses. 

And then imposter syndrome appeared again. 

How can I teach something without having the experience? 

Back to research. 

Some of the greatest people and mentors in the online space say that you need to start somewhere.  Even teachers go into work not knowing everything.

You learn while you teach.  The Protégé Effect.

This validated my idea and gave me the confidence to slowly build my course.  Lesson at a time, learning and building. 

Small Steps = Course Launch

That affirmation was written and placed in front of me. 

My course is now ready.  Ready to offer to you, the ambitious course creator!

It took me 3 years to get out of my own way and create this course.  I don’t want you to make the same mistake. 

Why should you trust me?

If you have landed on my website, I presume we are in the same or similar phase of our lives. 

Do you find yourself feeling that you need to change?  Do you want a better lifestyle?   Are you tired of your day job and NEED to do something that inspires you more?

I am here to help you on your journey and I am sure you will help me on mine!

I have been where you are.  I struggled to get to the next step.  I want to make your journey a bit easier and hep you learn from my mistakes. 

Think of me as your buddy!

Create your own time freedom NOW!!

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