Email Marketing for Beginners using Mailerlite

Email Marketing for Beginners – How To Get Started with Mailerlite and Build Your Email List.

Find out what an email list is and how to get started using Mailerlite Email Service Provider

Let’s start off with the question “What is an email list?”

An email list is a list of people that have subscribed to get newsletters, updates, offers, etc, from you usually by opting into a free resource you have offered them.  

These subscribers are yours!  No one can take them away from you, unless they willingly decide to unsubscribe to your content!

On the other hand, your followers on social media platforms do not belong to you.  They belong to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc..

Have you noticed how social media channels collapse now and again?  Have you wondered what will happen if one day these platforms decide to shut down completely without notice?  All your hard work to build and create your following on those platforms will have gone to waste…

That’s why you should start building your email list.  Start building your community!

It took me a long time to decide to get going with my email list.  In fact, I have only recently started paying attention to it and began my journey to grow my community.  

In my quest, and since I am still a newbie, I researched all the email providers I could find.  And there are many out there.

If you are anything like me, you probably do not want to go spend $$$ every month to have an email provider while you are still trying to figure things out.

That’s when Mailerlite was recommended to me.  It has a FREE option that is super great for newbies and it includes automation, forms, pop-up, landing pages (although I highly recommend creating your own on your WordPress website).

As you can see from the image below, you can have up to 1000 subscribers and up to 12,000 emails sent out monthly on the FREE plan.  Not too bad, right?

jacavs-email list building using Mailerlite

How to Get Started with Mailerlite

Now that we know what an email list is, we need to get a Mailerlite account.  Here I need to let you know of some requirements you need to have in place before applying for an account.

  1. You need to have a business email address, i.e. it cannot be Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail.  You need to have an email that can be associated with your domain.
  2. You will need to verify your website.

Go to Sign up free

jacavs-email list building and email marketing using Mailerlite

You will be taken to the below screen:

jacavs-email marketing using Mailerlite

You will need to fill in your name, business email address, company information and a password. 

Also, make sure you agree to their terms and conditions and anti-spam policy!

Once you have signed up, Mailerlite has a two-step verification process.

jacavs-email marketing using Mailerlite

Firstly, they will ask you to fill out your profile, as detailed as possible, it even gives you the option to upload a profile picture.  The more info you give them the easier it will be for Mailerlite to approve you.  

jacavs-email list building and email marketing using Mailerlite

Secondly, they will ask to verify your website.  The website approval process has two steps.  

  1. To verify your website:  You enter your website URL.  If you don’t have a website yet, you can describe what your website will be about, however, this will take longer to get you the approval. 
jacavs-email list using Mailerlite

2. You enter your business email address. 

jacavs-email marketing using Mailerlite

Your email and website should have the same domain.  The reason Mailerlite prefer this is because most email providers block the free email accounts.  

And that’s it!  Now you wait for the approval.  This can take from a few minutes to about a day.  Mailerlite will review your application and then send you a confirmation email. 

Once you get your confirmation, you can log in and start to get to know your Email Service Provider (ESP).

Your Mailerlite Dashboard

jacavs email marketing


The Dashboard gives you an overview of your account.  What campaign you last sent, how many subscribers you have, what plan you are on, your account statistics, your automations and your forms.


Campaigns are the emails you send to your existing list after they have signed up.  

There are 4 types of Campaigns to choose from:

  1. Regular Campaign – a regular email 
  2. A/B Split Campaign – you can test which email “Subject”, which “From Name” or what “Content” resonates better with your subscribers.  Usually, these types of campaigns are sent to a small percentage of your list rather than all.
  3. Auto Resend – this campaign automatically resends a specific email to the subscribers that have not opened that specific email. This feature is available only to the paid plans.
  4. RSS Campaign – this automation helps you send all your newly published blog posts without you lifting a finger!  Super wow!

So, you have quite a variety to choose from when it comes to creating new emails for your subscribers.  Consistency is key, so mix it up! If you are new to email marketing, it can become overwhelming. Choose how often you are able to actually send content to your list and stick with it.  As time goes by, you will get more accustomed to it and you can then increase your emails. 


Here you can see an overview of all your subscribers.  You can easily find which one you have segmented and grouped.  You will also find statistics of your subscribers.

Segments:  You can make these as detailed as you like.  You basically take a group of subscribers and segment them in more detail.  

Groups:  These are the groups you create when preparing a specific freebie / opt-in / lead magnet.  You can always just create one “Newsletter” group and have all your subscribers there, but creating different groups will help you send specific emails to that group as you know how they joined your list and what will interest them the most. 


Here you can create Popups, Embedded Forms and Promotional Popups.

These can all be used on your website with different functionality.  The popups are pretty obvious. Mailerlite gives you templates for both regular types and promotional types.

Embedded forms can be used on specific pages of your website, usually dependent on the subject of the page / post.


Mailerlite is so cool.  They have this option which allows you to create landing pages for all sorts of niches as well as Surveys and Quizzes!  When you’re starting out and looking for affordable solutions and you come across a provider that really gives, you just can’t help but get happy.  

Have you tried creating a quiz for your site?  That’s my next venture!!! 


Here is where all the fun happens!  Automation is where you create your opt-in sequences.  

What is an Opt-In Sequence?

An opt-in sequence is the very first emails your subscribers will receive once they have signed up to your list.  

In order to grow your email list and your subscribers, you will need to create different FORMS in order to collect emails.  

As you can see, you can get super wonderful free tools to start growing your business.  Mailerlite can definitely help you on your journey.  

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Are you ready to start that journey? Let me know in the comment below.

And Remember….

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