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Mindset and limiting beliefs

As you step into the new phase of your life, you might notice certain “blocks” or limiting beliefs arise. It is quite difficult to actually notice them in the beginning but there are signs to help you.

The biggest sign of all is procrastination.

If you find yourself putting things off, be sure that you are dealing with a “block” or “fear”.

These can manifest in just about anything you do.

Overcoming these blocks / fears is unique to each and every one of us but there are processes that can help you find yours.

  • Start by noticing and acknowledging that you are procrastinating
  • Ask yourself what is this making me feel, where did it come from, why do I feel this way.
  • If you have someone to talk to, discuss it with them. This could be a friend or family member you absolutely trust.
  • If you don’t feel like you can talk to someone just yet, start a journal. Write down your thoughts daily, weekly. Eventually, you’ll find the real reason you are procrastinating.

Remember, asking WHY is always a good way to figure things out.

Some of the various forms procrastination can manifest is:

– Being Visible

– Moving Forward

– Money Mindset

Being Visible

This is quite often one of the first block that might show up as you start off.

  • You might find that you don’t want anyone to see you are starting something new and on your own
  • You might feel that you will be embarrassed to show you are trying for a better life
  • You might find that you don’t want certain people to see your progress

There are many more visibility blocks. The objective is to notice them and go through your process to clear them out or at least acknowledge them.

Moving Forward

This block can manifest in how “worthy” you feel or thing you feel.

  • You might think you need more qualifications, trainings, certifications
  • Not putting yourself out there until everything is perfect (my personal favourite that I’m still battling with)
  • Keeping yourself busy but not actually doing anything.Eg. Never-ending research (another one of my favourites)
  • Not finishing something you started or just changing your mind halfway through
  • You get a win but don’t celebrate it or appreciate it by diminishing its value

Money Mindset

Anything around money can become a block. From childhood influences and beliefs of those in your close environment to your own beliefs developed in adulthood.

Some are:

  • Rich people are bad / corrupt
  • Money is evil
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness
  • There is not enough money to go around or Money doesn’t grow on treesThe more money I have the happier I’ll be
  • I need to work hard to make money
  • People only like me because of my money

How to overcome your limiting beliefs and fears?

By creating new ones! Change the way you think.

You can rebuild your beliefs and totally let go of your limitations. Only you can stop your progress and development.

Remember to Question

When you feel like something is stopping you, you are taking your time to complete a task, ask yourself: WHY? Where is this coming from?

Question your thoughts and feelings.

Are they your thoughts / feelings or someone else’s?

You are your only limitation and only you can set limits for yourself…

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