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What are online courses?

In the recent years, online education has become increasingly popular.  You can now learn just about anything you fancy online.

Online courses are designed to help a person learn a new skill or craft all from the comfort of their own home.

Some are for free and others you need to pay to have access to the material.

They are usually very specific in what the outcome you can achieve will be.

So it’s like enrolling into a college and taking classes of your favourite topics. 

Online courses are fantastic because you usually don’t have a time frame to finish the course, you go at your own pace and you can redo the lessons over and over again until you are completely satisfied with your results.

It is a great way to learn something new or expand on your current knowledge.

They usually have a variety of ways to learn, most depend on the type of course it actually is.

So if it is a course where you need to see the instructor doing something, it is usually video based.

If it is mostly theory, then it can either be in audio or text form.

Some course creators like to add a community aspect to their courses, allowing students to interact and that way get more out of the course.  This also might help some students get maximum benefits from the course.

Online courses are typically delivered through a platform. There are various platforms that one can use.  Many successful course creators used Facebook Groups to deliver their course or as an additional platform to allow that student/instructor interaction.

How you can use online course to generate additional income

By tapping into your skills / passion / interest and talents you can easily come up with a topic that lights your fire.

What are you passionate about?

What do you keep reading about?

What hobbies do you have that can become an income stream if you taught it to others?

Make a list of ideas and see which one appeals to you the most.

Then create a list of “chapters” to get your course taker to the desired outcome.

Then break those ”chapters” down to “lessons”.

There you go!  You are on your way to creating your first online course.

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